My Passport Essential 640, What a waste of my time and money

I pay for a product use it for 1 month and i use it as recommended.

I plug it into my PC one day and its not showing up in My Computer and it locks up the My Computer window.

I go to hard drive management and well it shows its empty.

I try reinstalling everything and still no luck i read all the stickies and post i can and try it all still no luck.

I find an application that will alloy me to find my files and move them to another drive and begin to manually format the Passport.

and all i get is this retarded bad sectors rubbish.

In the first few days of having this product I was so pleased.

Now i will never buy a WD product again.

I feel your pain. My first 650MG full height 5 1/4" HDD from Matxor, cost $1200.00. quit working 2 days after the 1 year warranty expired. Notice Maxtor is no more.  I predict the same will happen to WD in the near future if they contiunue to produce ■■■■!

I have many pictures on my Passport.  Now I cannot get them.  When I try to open the drive, I am told I have to format the drive.  What do I do.  I also aggree that this purchase was a waste.  A friend of mine purchased the same drive and has lost important files.