My Passport drive not appear

hi everyone

I have a problem with my passport drive 1TB , it was working fine but the problem started when I scaning my passport by Kaspersky Internet Security. While scaning the drive I disconnect the computer power cable by mistake :frowning:

when I started the computer agian the drive can not show up in my computer. I tried many times by connecting and disconnecting it via USB BUT doesn’t work.

NOTE: When I open the disk management it’s showing up and the par is blue and black. Also I tried to change the letter but I can not change it.

these are the pic. might be helpful to you to know my problem.



thats it , I hope you can help me there is alot of important files on it :frowning:

thank you guys

What do you see in device manager? If you connect the drive into another computer what happens?

It probably got corrupt when you removed the cable. TestDisk might reapir it. Also some data recovery software may be needed. Look at post 5 there are some data recovery programs listed there