My Passport does not keep the Dates of files

How can I get my Passport to keep the dates of files being stored?

Hi Janice

maybe you posted in the wrong section of the community, WD Labs is development corner.

“My Passport” is a pretty dumb device not having any intelligence for data manipulation in it.
Means: any external drive like a My Passport will not affect not touch any stored data.
Lost timestamps for stored data has nothing to do with the drive itself.

Hi Joerg
When WD Backup runs, the resulting archive shows all files on my Passport with their “date modified” date set to the date of the backup. I bet that is what Janice was talking about. At any rate, this is a problem because the date modified is a useful piece of information that I don’t want to lose. I can guess why the Backup program does this. But I wonder: does WD Backup have a mode where it does not do this? Otherwise I will need to find another way to use my Passport as a dumb drive.
Mark Dykes

Since I see no responses with a solution, I just want to add that I am looking for an answer to the same question. WD Support was not helpful, other than saying what I already knew - that the date was the date of backup. I was hoping the online community might have some sort of work-around, but apparently not? I agree - very limited use as a back-up drive, if unable to save my original modified dates; if only I had known! I read a lot of reviews before buying; interesting that none mentioned this issue. Hopefully there are drives out there that can do better?