My Passport does not allow me to auto back up using Smartware. Help?


I was using the smartware to back up all day long. But suddenly I face this situation:

  • the smarware software opens up but the Backup & Retrieve Tabs are not clickable. I can only click SEttings and Home.

What do I do?

thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Hey there, If you do not see the Backup and Retrieve tab, verify if the computer is recognizing the drive, reset the computer disconnect the drive and connect it on a different port and look for the drive, If you have Windows it will show in my computer an icon called WD Smartware for the software and another one with the name of the drive itself, if you have Mac it should show both icons in the desktop. Please, let me know the outcome.


thanks for responding. The explorer and my computer screen do show both the drive and the smartware. The problem occurs after i open the smartware application. From the four tabs: Home, Backup, Retrieve, Settings, only Home and Settings are Clickable so I cannot back up or retrieve.

I did try resetting and re connecting and as usual all drive and software can be seen but when open the functions are not clickable.

any ideas why this happens?

Very good, at this point, I would ensure I can write to the drive normally without using a software as they explain here. If it works like that, the Smartware should be updated, to do this: 1.-  Uninstall and remove the current version of the Smartware.  2.- Reset the computer. 3.- Download and Install the software from the web site, to do it, please click here.