My passport copies movie/video files in a diffrent formate


I have a couple of problems with My Passport Ultra

-Will not show on my TV via usb my mates does

-Video Files copied from another Passport got copied in another formate whcih my Mac does not read 

I am trying to copy loads of large video files from my mates Passport (he used windows to add the videos to his passort) to my Passport but it copies and it in a wrong formate one that it not suppurted on my mac or on my TV where i wanna watch them as there holiday videos. There in a diffrent formate on my mates Passport one that works on my tv and on my mac i am not gonna convert all my files back on to my passport.

Any help? is this somthing to do with my passports formate?


Microsoft Windows NTFS and Apple Mac OS HFS are not compatible. One of the disk drives would need to be formatted (Erased) to FAT32 or exFAT in order to apply a configuration that is neutral between the two systems. This does not guarantee TV compatibility as power requirements need to be considered as well.