My Passport--Cannot Access .dml files

Hi all-

In 2006, I bought a My Passport and “synced” or placed all of my files on the external drive. Now, in 2013, when I try to access the files, I cannot. The problem is that the files are encrypted as .dml (a Dmailer file). However, WD Sync, the application that was created by Dmailer, does not exist, because Dmailer no longer operates. On top of that, WD does not offer any support for this issue.

Does anyone know how I can access my files? I’m on a Windows 7 machine.


Hi, check if the following links help. 

Where to download the free WD Sync software for a WD My Passport drive

How to restore files or folders that have been synchronized by WD Sync


Try using the following link to see if you can download the software.

Make sure you have a WD Product registracion account. If not, create on on the link below.