My Passport backup file location

New to WD 1TB…Config seems all normal for daily back up. Says backed up. Where is the location of backed up files and how do I identify the latest? thanks.


The easy way, and a bit obscure, is to open WD Backup, and select Restore at the top. On Restore click “Select Files to Restore”. This will show the various Backup versions on the right, and after a while all the folders included for a selected backup. Open the folders to find the files. Close to return to Restore and click Help to get more information.

The actual files can also be found by opening the drive from Windows Explore and selecting folder "WD Backup.swstor. Work your way through a few folders until you find one with History and Volume folders. Open Volume and you find backup files. But they may not be the latest versions. History contains any change information, but is not useful.


thanks cliff… starting to see more clearly now. (.swstor)! Both methods clarified some questions. What was confusing is the volume date modified was still 10/1/2018, date of installation. Yet in your first way I see the current file date as the backup plan setting. Good explanation. appreciate your time.