My Passport Auto Backup

I just purchased my external 2GB passport. I cannot figure out how to setup the drive for backup of another drive on my desktop

First, confirm your drive shows correctly in My Computer and/or Disk Mgt (ie) in the RUN box type - diskmgmt.msc. IF it doesn’t show correctly you must fix that first.

My new MyPassport wouldn’t work with prior Smartware, so I Uninstalled Smartware + other older WD apps, re-booted, and Dnloaded WD Backup (blue-border link above) + Utilities further down the link page. The Discovery software advises of software Updates, etc., and I finally dnloaded it later. Clk on the desktop to make it disappear.

Assuming WD Backup SHOWS your drive … I hi-lighted mine, even though it showed Offline I clk’d on Add a Backup Plan, and you’ll Browse the My Computer Explorer Tree Clk’ing on the Folders you want Backed-up (presumes you know Explorer paths).
My Main Folders backed-up are in …
[ C:\Users\My name\Documents\Craig Files ] because THAT’s where I put my main Folder originally.
I set the Bkup Timing for “Hourly” checks - choose preference. Use Backup Now as desired.

On my New Drive I did NOT chk anything in the Library Group and things worked fine; For a 3-Yr Old MyPassport Ultra nothing worked after chk’ing boxes in My Computer setup tree UNTIL the Phone WD Sppt person Chk’d All of the Library Boxes. THAT includes More than I Wanted so I went back and Un-Chk’d some boxes in the Explorer Tree while leaving Library boxes chk’d.
Nothing is predictable with these drives and you roll with the flow as needed.

I discovered that the MyPassport WD Backup Location for me is ----- J:\WD Backup.swstor\My name\VGMgOJUGO1NdHDOj\Volume{a1bbc16f-7361-11e1-9521-806e6f6e6963}\Users\My name\Documents\Craig.
Your’s will be put in similar location (I’m W7-64), and I made a desktop Shtcut to access it when it’s plugged-in (I alternate 2 Bkup Drives).

I’ve noticed when I change out Drives (or re-attach same), I get a warning that the – Bkup can’t Occur, Be sure Drive is connected --. I chk’d AFTER a new Clock Hour and it showed a temp failure and then the BkUp Completion time, so it apparently Finds the Drive when Hourly Chk is activated. IF I Clk Backup Now button WD Backup does a 2 1/2 min bkup exercise and the Drive is recognized for subsequent hourly updates. Test IF you get same Warning and Confirm that Bkup does occur, and Try BkUp Now button, too.

Post back what you need after reading this. Good luck.