My Passport 500GB

I just got a My Passport 500GB portable drive. I have an imac running Mountain Lion 10.8.2. When I plug the external drive into my iMac it shows up but I cannot save anything to it. I’m assuming that means it is formatted for a PC and not a mac. How can I format it to work with a mac? I went to this link and downloaded the WD Universal Firmware Updater for Mac and ran it but I still am not able to use the drive on my iMac. 

Can anyone advise me on next steps? Thanks so much! And Merry Christmas! 

I don’t know about Macs but see if this helps 


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type “disk utility” in the search bar.

select your passport drive, and pick format to apple partition as one of the options offered. that should do it.

had to do that on one of mine couple of months back.

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