My Passport 500gb doesn't work on Windows 7

It was working normally then all of a sudden I startet getting error message saying I need to format my drive. Any help?

Hi there, it sounds like data corruption.

What if you try TestDisk to try to recover the files (it’s free) and then format the drive to have it clean?

Is there any way of foxing it, at least temporarily? I don’t have enough free space to save all data…

I don’t think so… As long as the drive is corrupted the data is not accessible… And the longer it stays corrupted the harder it will be to recover the data.

Data get corrupted when you write data to drive via a bad USB connection. Most of the time you can correct these errors with HDD Regenerator 2011. But you need to use good USB connection. Read section related to HDD Regenerator 2011 on this post.