My Passport 500 Gig does not see all of my drive backups when trying to retrieve?

Hello - I just purchased the external drive and backed up two hard drives on my old desktop and another from my daughter’s laptop.

I also ran the back up on my new laptop and then went to retrieve the files from my old desktop to my new laptop.

But when I click on the retrieve tab, I see all four drive backups for about 1 or 2 seconds and then they disappear, so I am left without any choices except to restore the backup from my laptop.

The Smartware firmware is updated to 1.6.4.

I then plugged back into my desktop and tried to view the four backups and the exact same thing happened.

Please help. The whole point of buying this was to save my data from my failing desktop so I can move it to my new laptop.

Thank you,


Try to use a different usb cable.

It is three days old and came with the drive.

Try to check the version of your adobe flash player, java and microsoft .net framework. Adobe should be 11 or higher, java should be 7, microsoft .net should be 4. Also try uninstalling and reinstalling wd smartware.