My Passport 320 faulty USB Cable/Smartware

I am very disappointed with my first time purchase of this WD external drive.  First the USB 2.0 cable kept falling out of the drive at the slightest movement, making the drive impossible to use.  I expected that when I plugged the drive into my computer or any computer that it would behave like a normal USB storage device.  Disappointment plus was the only result as every computer I connected to, I was forced to install the smartware software.  What a pain!!!  The best thing I did was return the drive to the supplier and get my money back.  I have since placed my thoughts on the suppliers forum and now this forum in hope that others will be warned and avoid the purchase of a product that has many draw backs.  I did search the WD support site and the knowledge base with no sure answers to my problem.  What a poor site to navigate and get answers to a problem.

You should contact WD’s Technical Support for a cable replacement. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

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