My passport 3 TB making strange sound

Hi all,
I have a 3 TB my passport that makes this noise. It seems to happen when not in use, although it usually does it continuously until ejected and removed. It causes the drive to run hot.
It does it across multiple windows computers as well as this one, which is also a windows computer.
I tried reformatting, though it still does it. Weirdly enough though, I had another my passport drive that had the same problem, reformat stopped the noise and it seems to be working ok.
Tried chkdsk, that also returned nothing to cause concern. The drive utilities also didn’t flag anything.
A quick benchmark run doesn’t seem to show decreased read/write speeds.
Here is a sample of the noise I uploaded to dropbox.
Heeeeeeeelp? :slight_smile:

Hello omara1993,

If the device is making noise during operation then I would suggest you to change the USB cable and to connect the drive directly on the USB 3.0 port of the computer to isolate the issue.


  I already tried those tips. Still making the noise and the drive

still runs very hot.