My Passport 2TB slow blinking

This drive is brand new. I have read most if not all of the “blinking” messages here and none explain **bleep** is with this device and the led blinking.

My disk blinks very slowly, very consistently and it blinks for long periods of time. I just looked at it and it is not blinking at the moment. Ordinarily I would think the blinking indicated disk activity however the blink is slow, steady and consistent like a timed blink unlike the sporadic blink we see and have come to know as “normal” disk activity.

The disk is interfaced to a USB3 port on a Windows 8 machine. The Windows 8 machine is connected to an APC UPS on the backup and auto-shutdown circuit. No extension cords are being used and the UPS is plugged directly into a wall socket.

As I recall I have not installed or used any WD “extras” or “Windows Apps” to set up and use this disk as it is simply used for storage. Windows Disk Manager and the Device Manager show no indications of any reason to be concerned.

I have done business with APC for more then 15 years because they are a company that is all about quality and --clearly-- communicates with their customers. In other words they document what blinking lights mean when the led blinks on their devices.

Is there WD documentation that explains the operating mode in this context or am I supposed to sit around and worry about disk failure and loss of data because people are being helpful in these forums but still have no idea what is exactly causing these devices to slowly blink for hours on end because WD may or may not clearly communicate how they have engineered their products to operate?

Put some black electric duct tape if it bothers you that much, and you don’t have to worry about data loss if are functional enough as to ensure you do have a backup.

The LED’s on recent WD drives don’t behave on any set or expected way, it’s like they blink to show the drives are still on and receiving power. In theory they should blink fastly when there’s activity, but at some point on idle mode they blink once in a whie if the sleep timer is off.

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