My Passport 2TB not showing

Last week, My passport 2TB, stoped working, now every time I plug the HD, although is being detected on my Windows 7 Computer Managment, “Disk drives” as “WD My Passport 0748USB Device”, is not showing under “Devices” in “My Computer”

Everytime I plug the USB lead in the port, it feels like the laptop is going in a loop trying to find the HD and the browser stay frozen until I desconect the USB lead.

I try to use another usb lead and even another laptop, but same result

Any idea what could it be?, and what can i do? obviously I extremely worried about the data…

Thank you

When looking for storage volumes, a good practice is to access Disk Management as opposed to Device Manager:

If the hard drive is detected, then is it showing as RAW? Is it asking to be initialized? Is it displayed as Healthy?


Thank you for your reply Trancer, 

When I go to Disk Management, and plug My Passport usb lead, the HD does’t show, I only get the “waiting circle”, at the same time the hard drive light flashes indefinetely and nothing happend, Iit seems that I could stay waiting forever.

Then if I unplugg the USB lead form the port, at the same time I’m unpluging it the “waiting circle” desapears and for a fracction of a second I can see the hard drive showing and then disapear again.


When you plug in your drive, does the drive make a clicking sound or does it spin up and stops-spins up and stops(repeat)?