My passport 250gb problem

i have a my passport 250gb hard disk. It was working fine until some days ago when data transfer speeds startd dcreasng to a few kbps…
Now when i connect my WD, it appears as an unformatted drive… I can format it and use it but when i disconnect it and den reconnect, it again shows an unformatted drive… All data is erased.

Hi dude, first change the cable, then do a low-level format (Zero out the drive) using WD’s DLG, then run an extended test. It will either pass or fail, if it passes then check your computer, if it fails then the drive needs a replacement.

hi… Thnx for d advice but i managed to get d drive running by using ms-dos error diagnostics…
But i still hve a question… Sometimes,while copying data, thrz a clicking noise from the drive and the transfer speed starts going down… After a few seconds,smetimes more,the clickng stops and i get back the speed. Any idea what it is??

A clicking is NEVER a good sign, it means that either the drive is not getting enough power (Try a Y-shaped USB power booster cable on that case) or the drive is failing.

im not gettng continuous clicking… Nt even evrytym i connct… Jz smtyms…while writng large amount of dat!Dat means the disk is going down… Ryt!?