My Passport 1TB WDDBACX00-10BSL-00 _is not showing on my Windows 7

Hello I am running Windows 7 using 1TB W/D My Passport and it was working fine up to yesterday, while I lefet it connected to my PC all night long , wake up today the devise is not recognize on my PC at all 

I change the Cable with another USB 3 and still no luck

I change the USB port to another but still no luck

I reboot the system still no luck

The device is NOT showing neither under my computer neither under Device Manager neither under Disk managment

When I connect My Passport the light is ON but can’t be showing and you have hear the sound of the External Drive is rolling 

I have a second 1 TB W/D once I connected using the same cable and same USB port it work perfectly so the driver on my Windows 7 is correct 

Can you help to re-gain access to my 1TB , I critical data stored related to work and I don’t have any back up for the last 3 months 


Hi Nagikozman, welcome to the Community. Sorry to hear you cannot access your files. In this case I recommend you to contact support directly for assistance.