My Passport 1TB not deducting in Win7 Laptop


My hard disk is not getting deducted. 

  1. When i connect to my laptop sound comes from my laptop. (Usual sound when any external device is connected) 
  2. In the notification area USB symbol with green tick is seen, which means a hardware has been connected. 
  3. But when i launch “My Computer”, Drive folder is not seen. 

Kindly provide a solution. ASAP

Does the drive show in Disk Management and does it have a letter and is it online?


In Disk management, Drive gets displayed like the following.

Disk 1


Not Initialized

For  your reference, kindly see the screenshot below(highlighted in red) Disk management.jpg

Also i tried to initialize Disk 1. But error message got displayed  - “The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error”

Please find below the two screenshots below for reference, it would really help me if you provide a solution.

Awaiing for your reply…