My Passport 1TB drive loses connection to computer periodically

This external drive works just fine, when it works. Periodically throughout the day, it will drop connection. I then have to unplug/replug it and then everything is back to normal.

I have it set to not sleep or hibernate. The Windows 7 PC is on all the time, I have tried it in different USB ports, but it does the same thing. Works for a while - then drops connection. I use this as a media server to my Xbox360 and it gets really annoying that I have to go back to the PC and unplug it to get it to work again.

Is there a fix?

have you tried another usb cable??  could be the cable not working properly, or I know it might sound silly but this happens frequently with my mobile and its the the usb3 port in the mobile that doesnt make a complete connection with the cable through constantly plugging and unplugging and now I have to keep wiggling it to get a complete connection??

I haven’t tried another cable as I don’t have another USB3 one, but I will definitely get one to see if that’s the case. I have tried the wiggling thing. I have that problem with my Kindle.

It seems tight though. Thanks for the tips.