My Passport 1TB and DVD player connected to TV

I got my new My Passport 1TB to  store my large collection of movies and so I could then plug into my DVD player connected to my TV  . When I plug in My Passport to the DVD player is shows that it has found the USB port and says its loading data ,  then NOTHING? am I doing something wrong  please help

Probably Yes !

You bought a WD disk  ! (with “special” or “smart” hardware and software).

Please read posts about VCD (permanent 1st disk partition).

Thanks for that, I have read the various posts and my input to all this is that

I am an elderly lady and when I spoke to the salesperson I expressed exactly

what I wanted to use the My Passport for and he assured me that it would do exactly

what I wanted!!! i.e. let me put movies and photos on and play back on my TV. 

And he was about the 3rd saleman , from different stores, I spoke to as I shopped around and they  ALL

told me that this item would do the job.   So obviouosly the salespeople are not

being informed either…bad…I have now returned the My Passport and got my money back

and will look for something that will do what I am expecting it to do.

As I am not up on all the IT stuff I (like many others) and have to rely on advice from

the salemen , dont you think it would be good business  practice to let them know just exactly

what  your My Passport can and cant do… It must surly be bad for your company to have people like

me and others returning their goods.

The person you spoke to was likely talking about the Passport AV, which is the only Passport specially designed and advertised on the box for DVR use, just any other Passport would do no good on that case. Other stores just think of all Passports the same way to sell them, they are not the same.

Wel, next time I guess u_u