My passport 1 TB

I used this external drive on my old laptop, but now have a new laptop. How do I get this My Passport 1 tb to work on my new laptop. Do I have to download a file or two? Please help. Thanks

Do you want to just setup the new computer to use the external drive? Download WD Backup and associated software from the downloads for your My Passport.

Do you want to copy the backed up files to the new computer? Use the Restore feature in WD Backup. to copy whatever you need from the external drive.



What problem you are facing while inserting the external drive in the new laptop.

Is the drive unable to install on your new laptop?

Please forgive me for not answering you. I have been very sick. Anyway, I still have this new laptop and My Passport 1 TB. I want to do a backup of this new laptop onto the My Passport. I transferred pictures and all major documents to a usb thumb drive. I don’t know if I should erase drive E where My Passport is hooked up to or how do I just do a backup? Are there new files that I should download from WD My Passport site? Awaiting your reply.

Hello Oliver,
I have the My Passport 1 TB hooked up to my new laptop, but that was in May and now it is November and I still don’t know how to do a backup of this laptop. Do I need to download new exe files to make this work now?


Go through this link , here you will get to know how you can backup your system.


When I open your link the first thing I see is that it applies tp Windows 7 and Windows 8. And it only seems to backup the system image.


You need to specify what operating system you are using. And the model of Passport you have. It should be shown on the drive where is says “MY Passport”.

When you know that, go to Downloads at the top of the WD Community web-page and follow the directions for your model. You will need to download WD Backup and some other files. You should find instruction or Help for each of: WD Discovery, WD Backup, WD Drive utilities, and WD Security.