My Passport 1 TB Vibration

I bought a WD My Passport a couple of months ago. Three of us had bought the same hard drives from the same place. All seem to be working fine. But my hard drives vibrates much much more than the other two. The vibration is good enogh to make my entire table sort-of buzz with vibrations. 

I have read that typically hard drives with higher vibrations have a very high rate of failure. So, i wanted to ask whether these vibrations are normal or should I get my hard drive replaced?

Please answer. Any help is appreciated.

Hi, if the hard drive is performing normal ignore the vibrations. You can also run a test with DLG to check if the passport has any hardware problems.

You need to replace the disk. It is little-known knowledge that external disks in enclosures are sub-standard in quality when compared against their desktop cousins.

A disk with extra vibration is only going to kill its bearings sooner than a non-vibrating disk. Maybe it will outlast the warranty, maybe not.

Other disks are vibration free and quiet, why should yours be any different? Afterall, you are paying good money for it. Why settle for a sub-standard product?