My Pasport ultra doesnot works it need to intilize


it doesnot works and it shows in device and printers but not showsn in explorer in list disks it shows 0 gb sace and 0 gb free
and in administrative tools it sayes ned to intilize but could do that i try 5 time what to do i purschased it 2 week ago and my all data in it i need my data so what to do?

when i plug in laptop it rotates and sounds likee zzeee tik zeee tik after a round it sounds tik adn not working

in it private data so donot want to give on claim without geting my data out
What to do?

my first ecperiience with WD is soooo bad 


As a recommendation, test the drive on a different computer using a different USB cable. If possible use a desktop computer and connect the drive to the back USB port of the computer. It could be a power issue.

i chnge the cable but doesnot work now tell me how to format it