My new WD Blue 1TB SATA SSD freezes my comp sporadically while gaming

I have Alienware Aurora R6. It has Scandisk 128GB M.2 SSD and one HHD built in. Recently I got Flight Sim 2020. It loads slowly so i wanted to give the PC a boost with a 1TB SSD. Pretty sure it’s a recent development since I installed the WD Blue 3D Nand 1TB SATA SSD, when I play Dota 2, or even just do normal youtube browsing, my PC would freeze for about 10 seconds, during which time I am not able to use my keyboard and mouse, and the PC screen just be completely still.

Has anyone else come across this problem? Found a solution?

WD dashboard doesn’t think there is any problem with the drive… Is there any diagnostic test I can run or anything I can look at?