My new WD Blue 1TB SATA SSD freezes my comp sporadically while gaming

I have Alienware Aurora R6. It has Scandisk 128GB M.2 SSD and one HHD built in. Recently I got Flight Sim 2020. It loads slowly so i wanted to give the PC a boost with a 1TB SSD. Pretty sure it’s a recent development since I installed the WD Blue 3D Nand 1TB SATA SSD, when I play Dota 2, or even just do normal youtube browsing, my PC would freeze for about 10 seconds, during which time I am not able to use my keyboard and mouse, and the PC screen just be completely still.

Has anyone else come across this problem? Found a solution?

WD dashboard doesn’t think there is any problem with the drive… Is there any diagnostic test I can run or anything I can look at?

I have the same issue without gaming. I have the same computer configured slightly differently. My computer came with a 1TB HDD and didn’t have any issues with the mouse or keyboard freezing. I cloned it to a WD Blue 1TB and now I have problems. When I switch back to the original HDD I don’t have any issues. Any thoughts? Have you come up with a solution yet? Thanks, Mark

It doesn’t work completely for me, but if you find a tool to set the SSD to NOT go to sleep to after x number of minutes, it could mitigate the hang. My Alien Ware (windows 10) comes with Intel Rapid Storage Tech application that is used to manage drive volumes. There is an option to prevent SSD going into sleep mode after inactivity. Try that and see if it works for you.

Thank you, I’ll give it a try.