My Net Wifi Range Extender Power Light Keeps Blinking


I currently have a My Net Wifi Range Extender (model:H2F). The first time I plugged it in, I am greeted by the power light blinking blue. I consulted the instructions and it said to wait for the light to go solid. After about 10 hours, it is still blinking blue. This product is it of warranty but this is our first time using it. Any help?


I have a few of these, I set a few up for others, and they all work fine, So, maybe you need to press the reset button and start over.

To begin, turn off the unit. Set the back switch to 2.4G while unit is off. I suggest you set up the 2.4G signal first and get close to where your router is; not less than 5-10 feet away. Turn it back on.
Next. . . .

Find the reset button. It is on broad side opposite the signal strength lights. Look near lower right corner for a red button in one of the holes. Get a paper clip you can use to press in the reset button (you can feel a slight click) hold in for 2-3 seconds and then release button. and unit will reboot.

Let’s hope the power light eventually stops blinking within a few minutes., and the Wi-Fi light comes on. If this doesn’t happen it could be because the unit needs to be setup. So, try to get it set up now.

I do not like to use the WPS button method, I prefer to set it up with a browser; in addition I use my iPad browser to go to the web link for the range extender Dashboard (as instructed) and follow the steps on screen to select my home wireless signal and type in my password. A Wi-Fi connected computer browser can also be used. Or, you can use the WPS button method on back of unit if you wish.

To see what happens, I just turned off one of my range extenders and here is the sequence of lights after I turned it back on (remember, my unit is already set up to get on my Wi-Fi when it turns on)

On start up. power light blinks for a minute or so until the Wi-Fi light turns on solid. Power light blinks about six more times and then goes solid. In less than a minute later the signal strength LEDs on the side light up and stay solid. And, it’s all working again. It all takes a minute or two.

IMPORTANT; Once your range extender is set up, and working on the home network and Internet, use the Dashboard controls to find the Firmware Update, click on it and update the thing right away. The original firmware has bugs, and you NEED to have the newer firmware. It will also have some improvements to the Dashboard design. It’s possible you could get a message that you have the latest firmware.

Advanced Tip:::After you get the 2.4G working for a few days, you can set up the 5G if you like, and if you have a dual-band router. To do this, turn unit off, move the back switch to 5G, power back on and go through the set up for the 5G. The unit can work with either band, but not simultaneously. (and why I have a separate range extender for each band turned on) When using one unit, if you are on one band and want to go to the other you must turn off unit, move switch to other band, and then turn unit back on.

That’s it. Let me know how it goes.


I think my reset button is not working. After holding the rest button for 15 seconds, the unit is still blinking. I hear the click so its not like I am not pressing the reset button. It is set to 2.4 already, and it is about 2 feet away from the router.


Well, try to set the unit up as I described. I hesitate to say unit is defective because reset did not work, since unit setup has still not been attempted.

Look, if you can’t get setup to work for you, contact WD and see what they can do for you. Call their support phone number.


ditto , blinking light no response from reset button, no communications over ethernet cable no wifi signal . appears unit never completes boot. what gives WD , do you have a recovery method ? jtag ?


Are you in close proximity to router signal with range extender? If too far away, the problems experienced could be caused by this fact.


my reset button does not reset. I have tried multiple times, and different items with no luck. I am having the same problem, in that my power button constantly blinks at initial setup, and was trying your solution. however I cannot reset the reset button. any other ideas? thank you


There are still some WD range extenders for sale. Try looking at eBay or Amazon.