My Net N900 Torrent speed


I recently bought a My net n900, everything works fine except one thing. My torrent speed is awfully slow, like 1-2 kbps, while with my other router I had speeds up to 2mbps. The my net router seems to be affecting only the speed of my uTorrent, the rest is faster then with my previes router. With a speedtest I get speeds around 24mbps. Does someone know why my uTorrent only gets speeds up de 2kbps and how to fix this? 

Thanks in advance!

Try to disable FasTrack and see if that helps.

For instructions see the user manual on the link bellow:

Disabling FasTrack should work, but if that is a feature you want enabled I would recommend writing a prioritization rule for it. It takes a bit of tweaking but then it should work nicely. 

Did you port forward the correct ports?  Without opening the ports, it will be slow.  The upnp auto port opening , might not work depending on your torrent client.  I use emule for downloads and I have to port forward two ports.  With the ports forwarded manually I can achieve 1200kbps.  Without I can only achieve 100-200kbs when using the upnp port forwarding.  It is a software client issue with the upnp port opening, not a wd issue.  Check your ports!

ps if you do not port foward, it might use port 80, normal internet traffic.  If isp sees torrents on this port it might tnrottle you.  My isp has done this before, this is why I select weird port numbers and forward.

Hi there,

Can you recommend how I can create a prioritization rule for bittorent?

It follows the same process as creating a port forward.

I put in the IP of my filebox for the local range, put in the port that was being used. And then put in an any rule for remote IP’s - and you could do something simmilar for the remote ports.

I would only put it as a high priority, so that other triffic can be set with a higher priority. Make sure you check the box and then save. It will require a router reboot.