My Net N900 Central - Need an extender

Hi guys,

I purchased an N900 Central router some months ago.  I have to say I do like its stabiity and dual band performance.

Only problem I have is that the 5.0 range isn’t quite as good as 2.4.  Not sure why that it is but I thought a simple solution would be a repeater/extender.  I wanted to get some advice on what one would work best with my N900.

Does WD have repeaters or do they have routers that can be setup to be repeaters (and preferably for a repeater I wouldn’t want it to be as expensive as the N900, but at least 5.0 if not dual band.  Also don’t want anything that’ll muck-up fast track.



Western Digital does have a range extender, it is called “My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender”. Please click on the link below for more information.

You own a N900 and love its stability and performance?

Do you have to reset the router?  You have to be a select few that fo not have problems.  Do you have many devices or a complicated network?

Since i hijacked your thread, i would suggest buying more N900 routers and configuring them to be AP’s or just buy a WD extender.  The N900 is a bit overkill to be only used as an AP.  The extender might be a little cheaper, but now you have different models of stuff.  I like the idea of interchangable parts.

Sorry.  I popped out of existence for awhile.

Yes I have the N900 Central and generally I have had few problems with it.  I’ve not had to reset it anymore than my previous Belkin router (which was only 2.4).  The only thing clearly different is that the N900 does not have the rangeas my previous did (though that’s more obvious on the higher band).  

I have 3 laptops, 1 Wii, 2 iphones and an iPad.  Sounds like a lot to me, but compared to most people I know I’m not pushing that much bandwidth.