My Net N900 2.4GHz no traffic, 5GHz fine

This morning, the 2.4GHz band on my router stopped passing data.  I switched my iPhone over to 5GHz and all was perfect.  I logged into the router and rebooted it.  2.4GHz came back.  What is up with this router?  I’m using 1.05.12, but saw the same problems on 1.07.

The following post talks about this issue.

Make sure to try the suggested workaround and report back if you are able to get the unit working.

So here is my situation.  With v1.05, 2.4G drops overnight whereas 5G is fine.  I upgraded the firwmare to v1.07 and 5G stopped working.  I RMA’d my box and got a replacement yesterday.  It came with v1.05.  Overnight it ran, but again 2.4G was out in the morning and 5G was working.  So I upgraded the new box to v1.07, which has been runing since this morning.  I will know if it is out when I get home tonight.

I did use the new power adapter with the new unit, so the setup is entirely new yet the problem is identical.  

What can I do?  It seems to be dependent on something that I have no control over.

Once again on v1.07, 5G is gone.  It doesn’t even broadcast its SSID.  I have tried turning off then on the 5G side, but nothing.  I have switched from a+n to n, no luck.  I give up.  This router is a waste of time and money.