My net N750/my book essential 3.0 streaming issue to xbox360〈=en Ok, I have the N750 setup and running fine(been solid for 3 months). I can stream from any laptop/pc in my house with ease…I bought the my book essential 3.0 today to eliminate an older pc…I put all my media on it, plugged it into the usb port in the back, works great. I can stream to any pc in my network without issue. Now my problem is that I cant stream anything from that drive to any of my xbox 360’s. Any computer isnt a problem, 360s seem to be a dead wall. I can see the router in my list of devices in the 360 and thats as far as it goes. I tried using ps3 media server, via my laptop…folders show up on the 360 but the console cant find anything in the folders. But if I access the media through a computer it’s all there… What the **bleep** am I missing here? Any ideas?


Do you have the DLNA enable on the Xbox 360?

It should be something on the 360s settings.

i just went thru all the console settings and i cant find any serting for DLNA anywhere…i can stream anyting off the computers but now that the HDD is plugged into the router itself i can see the drive on the network thru the xbox but it doesnt find any data on the drive

dose  windows  media  player  see  xbox  360  find  out  go  to  libray  click  then  find  share  add  xbox360  this  might  help