My net n600... am i doing this right?

hey there,

so ive just moved into a granny flat, where it has a ethernet port in the wall that connects to the landlords house and internet; which is included in my rent

from what i can tell (based on talking to the landlord and the connection details on my pc), the ethernet socket i have access to is connected to a wireless range extender, which is then connected to their main modem/router. what i want to do is connect my wd mynet n600 to the network via the ethernet cable, and then have my pc, laptop, and consoles connect to the internet through my device, so i have my own standalone network for media sharing; yet can still connect to the available internet.

these two websites are some of the steps ive been using to try and connect to the existing network:

but i can only get the devices connected to the mynet, but not the main router with the internet access…

i assume it has something to do with the fact that im trying to connect to a range extender first, and not directly to the main router…

while all my devices have wireless access to the range extender, its signal is weak, and is limiting my internet speeds more than id want it to…

so, with all that set, is there any way i can connect my wd mynet n600 to an existing network via a range extender, or am i trying to do the impossible?

thanks in advance,

Seems totally possible to me.

Just configure the N600 in dhcp to get a valid  IP from the existing network.

Be carefull to have different network address between the existing network and your private network.