My Net Central 2TB (Smartware/backup issues)


I recently purchased my net central router (2TB version) and everything seems to work fine except:

1- Daily blackout / dropout of all connections; only solution is to reset the router

2- Issues with Smartware not seeing the router

For my first issue, I have bought a cooling pad for the router (assuming it was over heating). But that did not solve this problem. It is not that of a big deal for me as long as it is only once per day.

My second issue, is a bigger deal because the reason I bought this router was to have a backup capability. I have tried three different computers (running Win7 Home, Win7 Ultimate, and Windows Vista). None of the computers can see my net central in Smartware. WD support has sent me couple of emails directing me to check my network settings but the problem still exists. To check if the software was working properly, I borrowed my buddy’s passport drive and that appeared in Smartware right away.

Any help with these issues is appreciated, as I think I shouldn’t be the only one with this issue.

PS: I have replaced this router once already using WD RMA.


What FW version are you running and what version of SmartWare are you using?

Hi Rob,

The issue #2 (Smartware related) has been resolved. I checked my firewall settings before but I guess I need to tweak them a little more. It seems to be working fine now.

Fyi, it was the latest firmware along with latest Smartware.


for my second issue,

I didn’t need to restart it yesterday all day. My wife believes it is because of multiple wireless connections that the router freezes up.

At any time, I would have 5-7 wireless devices + 2-3 wired devices (2 of them using powerline adapters).

I might try turning off 5ghz connection and see if that helps (but being a dual band router, that would defeat the purpose)