My MyBook Essential 2tb is not working

New to this forum & tried to add onto similar post. I have model WDCBACW0020HBK external HD that is <1yr old and have rarely used it. It stays on my desk and I plug it into the AC or 2.0 USB port  when I use it. In July my primary harddrive died and I replaced it and reinstalled Win7-64. On connecting the external hd, win7 sees the HD but cannot install the 3rd part of the 64 bit drivers. Also its light does not come on and its HD does not vibrate or make any noise if I press its power button. Same thing happens if I connect it to my laptop. Power supply is supplying its 12 volts. Not sure how this is related or what to do next. Open to all suggestions about getting it to turn on.

After reading the FAQ sheet, it appears that my harddrive is dead as the power supply is not. Furthermore, my warranty expired last month.  Fortunately nothing important was on the drive. I have had home computers since the original IBM PC and they have been relatively trouble free until this year when my desktop(Seagate) hd died, the secondary(WD) hd used for data became stupid and not a rarely used external HD fails as well. Appears that one needs to save data on DVDs to back up the backup external and internal drives.