My My Passport just stopped working

I have tons of docs and files on this drive and its stopped working.  I keep getting a message that tells me i have to format the drive in order to use it. This is awful … this is the 2nd 500 gig my passport drive to do this to me I ended up losing tons of client information.  Why do these drives fail in this way and is there another way to recovere data without spending hundreds of dollars.  I cant afford that.  I think that in light of the fact that these drives fail so often … Western Digital should consider doing data recovery or offer some kinda of cloud backup service for data.  As it stands i am so screwed … for the 2nd time.

Hello Mate,

You mentioned this is the 2nd time this happens to you. I think you have a file corrupting your data, you can try running Windows Check disk but if this option does not work you will need to format your drive in order to make the unit operational again…