My media player keeps getting deleted from my network...WHYYYYY?

I recently updated to windows 10 and since I did, my media player/ external HD keep getting deleted from my network. So when I attempt to transfer movies onto my external…it’s not there. Anyone know why?


Can you try setting the unit with a static ip? this will help you to get a more stable connection.

I have my ‘peripherals’ regularly ‘drop out’ from Windows. If they do not show in File Manager left-hand column then it’s a true drop-off, dropped off your computer. What I’m saying is if they aren’t on (recognised by) your computer, you need that (showing left-hand column of File Manager - I can help you with that if it’s that), before you can even think about them being in your network. Because I’m not sure whether your WD TV and Ext. H/D have dropped right off your computer rather than just your network, I will wait for your reply before I go any further, Shane!