My MBL dead when copying files!

Today, when I am copying my data from PC to MBL, it suddenly stop working, the network connection is lost. After the blue  light is stable, I power off the MBL and power on, the LED turn to blue and yellow, I can no longer connect to it, even use the reset button at the back. I brought the new MBL only one week ago, and used it only 2 or 3 times, how did it die so easily ? I don’t know if I should replace the MBL  or unbrick it without warranty, because I have copied so many private data into it. 

I hope it is a software problem that I can fix it by myself, otherwise I may keep it dead for my owner…

For troubleshooting, try connecting the power cable directly to the wall socket. You need to press the reset button on the back for 4 seconds. 

Is it a Solid Yellow light, or a Blinking Yellow light?

  • If it is Blinking, that indicates that the network cable is unlugged.

  • If it is solid, then I would consider the drive most likely dead.

The drive is running a small version of Linux that boots up like a computer each time it is powered on. It is not booted until the light is green.

So if the light never makes it to green then it is not booted, and you will not be able to access it.

I believe that the Solid Yellow light indicates Initializing or Update, so perhaps try leaving it pluggd in for a few hours and see what happens.