My live hub media player does not work to my pioneer plasma tv using HDMI interface

HI there,

I am new to this site and the live hub and Id like to apologise if this question has already been asked and answered in advance.

I bought a WD TV live hub media player and connected it up to my tv initially with the red/yellow/white phono jacks. The system worked but the picture wasnt great and the sound volume was very low indeed.

I then connected it to the tv using a HDMI cable I pulled out of my blu-ray player and all I got was a blank screen.

I asked Western Digital and they told me I needed to buy a HDMI1.4 cable in order to make this work. I was sceptical about this answer however I went out and bought a so called HDMI1.4 cable. GUess what?! It didnt work!!!

Does anyone on this forum have an answer for me?

Equipment I have is:-

Pioneer PLasma TV - PDP435PE

Pioneer media receiver - PDP-R05FE

HDMI cable -

WDTV live hub media player has latest firmware taken from WD website on initial power up.

Without the media receiver, the TV is useless. There is a single cable that runs between the media receiver and the tv and all other input cables (component, HDMI, audio etc) are connected to the media receiver which then transmits the signals to the TV using the single media cable.

Thanks in advance,


I am not following.   Are you connecting your Hub to your TV or your RECEIVER?

Did you make the correct choices in Setup to output the proper signals for TV and audio? If you originally had it outputting through the RCA jacks and changed nothing in Setup then  that’s your problem.