My LG tv won't recognise my WD Elements 2T external hard drive how come?

Thought I would be able to plug and play this no problem? clearly no… i’m a noob!

I have an I mac, all my data is backed up through time machine on the hard drive. how can I watch my stuff on my LG tv the usb is greyed out on the tv, but it knows a usb device is connected, sometimes it says ’ problem with device’ but is as vague as that, works fine in the Mac… maybe it hates my TV?

whats the secret guys!?


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You will be better off posting in the TV section. The problem is probably the drive formatted for Mac and is not compatible with your video setup. The drive will probably need a different format possibly FAT32. Fat32 has a max file size of 4Gig. Formatting the drive will wipe out your data. The TV section will provide more help on what you need to do.


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…it briefly says loading then cuts off and says , ‘problem with USB device’.check usb’.



Did you get a reply on how to fix this as I have the same problem? Thanks


I have only used this community a couple of times and it has been extremely helpful as there are some very selfless people here who just like to help. A rare commodity these days. I do realise I should be trying to find the answer to my problem which is exactly the same as that asked on this thread but a brief search in the search window of the TV section doesn’t bring up anything.

I was wondering if someone could steer me in the right direction so I can fix what is a frustrating problem. Btw, my WD 750gb Portable HD did work with my LG tv via plugging into it’s USB drive before but for some reason it has stopped. 

I suspect it has got something to do with drivers but I’m not real handy in this area unfortunately.

Anyway, if anyone reads this and can help I’d very much appreciate the assstance. 


Hey not sure if you fixed your problem but i was pulling my hair out… Go to Western, Pick your Hard drive, Click on ( WD Quick Formatter for Windows). Format it from there web site. it worked for me…