My Home Cloud loses sync on Mac

Hi everyone. Here’s the thing: In the office we have 3 Macbooks syncronized with one WD My Cloud Home (6TB), all of them does lost syncronization frecuently and when that happens, the WD creates a new folder and start uploading everything like the first time.

Also we have a Windows Laptop which never fails.

For example:

Folder name; Test
When sync fails it creates a new folder on the WD like: Test 1 and then test 2, test 3…

  • All the Macs are with the latest software from Apple and WD Discovery.
  • The syncronized folder its on desktop.
  • The WD never turns off.

What can i do to solve this problem? its pretty annoying.

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You could refer to the following link:

But why that happens? The Macs loses sync without doing anthing. And happens very often.