My Home Cloud loses sync on Mac

Hi everyone. Here’s the thing: In the office we have 3 Macbooks syncronized with one WD My Cloud Home (6TB), all of them does lost syncronization frecuently and when that happens, the WD creates a new folder and start uploading everything like the first time.

Also we have a Windows Laptop which never fails.

For example:

Folder name; Test
When sync fails it creates a new folder on the WD like: Test 1 and then test 2, test 3…

  • All the Macs are with the latest software from Apple and WD Discovery.
  • The syncronized folder its on desktop.
  • The WD never turns off.

What can i do to solve this problem? its pretty annoying.

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You could refer to the following link:

But why that happens? The Macs loses sync without doing anthing. And happens very often.

Still the same problem… And this happens after the last update of MacOS… Before the update the Macbooks never had problems.

Please give me any idea of what can i do.

When i sync a folder it doesnt work after 3 days and creates a new folder with the name: Example (1)

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I have checked this link out but it does not give a solution as to why the sync stops on a regular basis. I am having to switch off ‘sync’ for OneDrive and then switch it back on to get the sync going again.
Any new solutions would be great please.