My Hard work slowly+his 4lights is ON!

hi every one ,

About From one year My External 1110 WD hard became show his 4 lights is on ! "As Picture >>>

It’s a shown or the Face of Problem , But the spacial issue is (all my data on my hard is “unreadable” as I think … it’s don’t delete , paste cut and open ! and If on was able to paste It do it so slowly “AS DIAL UP LAN!”

I don’t why >> But I see that you can help me to return it good , I need all data on it , thanx every one 1110.jpg

Try running DLG just to verify the drive status, also if possible change the USB cable and connect the drive to a different computer…

I show DLG status as that >>>> and I try before 3 days to use another USB Cable … and onther PC,Laptop, and windows … It don’t change ! PLZ, Help ME