My hard disk is responding erratically

I have an internal hard disk from Western Digital attached to my computer. The model no is WDC WD5000AADS -00S9B0. It has always performed excellently. Of late and quite suddenly it is downperforming and I have had to format several partition except 2 partitions. It has become rather diffcult to extract data or store data in the partitions , i.e. to move or copy data from the existing drive with data to other drives . Other drives also include a western digital external hard disk drive attached to my computer of size 500 GB which works fine…I have no idea what caused the problem. In order to achieve a solution and to find out the reason behind the unanticipated problem I downloaded a hard disk monitor software which has given me the following advice regarding the western digital hard disk…which is recognized as a Sata hard disk by my pc.  completely. My hard disk monitor software is hard disk sentinel which gives me the following information with respect to the WdC WD5000AADS-00S9b) internal drive : There are 28 bad sectors. There are 1433 weak sectors. It is recommended to examine the log separately …however there is no information about the same on the logfile…It recommends to continuously monityor the hard disk…

I also have another hard disk . A Seaget which is much older and is of 80 GB size. The seaget hard disk is where my operating system, which is Windows XP service pack 3 is loaded…In the western digital hard disk I am trying to load windows 7 …which I am unable to do even after formatting the particular partition  - k:

I would be extremely grateful if someo9ne could throw light on the isssue and help me find a solution to the problem without having to lose data or replace the hard disk…

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You must run the Western Digital Data Lifeguard diagnostic.

You should also backup your data; HDDs don’t last forever and yours is giving indications of failure.

RoloX2 is right.  I’d run the dlg diagnostic utility with both quick and extended tests.  that will tell you how many sectors are going bad.  if it’s a lot, then it’s time to replace the drive.  back up your data asap, and rma the drive.

If the DLG diags pass, you can run the drive through the ringer with tools on this:

I’m using HDAT2 on my questionable disks right now.