My G-RAID Thunderbolt was working in Mavericks as a RAID 0. Upgraded to El Capitan and now I can't make it mirrored?

So I was running my G-RAID striped on Mavericks and after finishing my project. I upgraded to El Capitan and want to protect my data with mirroring, but now I don’t see the RAID tab. Please help me I really don’t want to lose my files.

So not sure if its the same issue cause I don’t have a G-RAID thunderbolt, but I did notice that my internal mirrored RAID on my Mac pro shows up on the desktop. But after the upgrade checking disk utility I don’t have the RAID tab anymore either. Might want to check with the apple store but I think software RAID’s are gone in El Capitan.

I have the exact same problem!!!