My friend keeps trying to talk me into getting a PS3

I’m looking at buying the LIVE PLUS and my friend said that I will regret buying it. 

He said the PS3 is the best system around. 

I just dont want to spend an extra 300$ on a system that I am not going to use for games, nor bluerays. 

Any advice from people that own maybe one or both of these systems? 

Thanks a lot.

You my friend have got one smart friend. I wish I had one when I bought my WDTVLive.

I have both a PS3 and a WD TV live and I enjoy both of them.  However, I use my PS3 mainly for gaming and the WDTV as a media player.  If you do not want a game system and do not need a Blu-ray player I would recommend saving some money and purchasing a media player like the WD TV live plus.

BTW the price for a PS3 recently dropped to $250, if you have any interest in gaming (which it sounds like it is not the case) you can have a lot of fun with a PS3.

Despite its lots of issues, the LIVE is a **bleep** of a lot bang for a buck. And the fact that the PS3 does not play a lot of formats which needs you to convert them should answer your question (who buys from Sony anymore?).