My External HD died or what?

my drive doesn’t runs, when i plug pwr and USB in, the light just blinking and blinking… (it is not even run, the computer don’t even see it)

I took it out of the unit, mount it to my computer, the computer doing the same thing… the lights on the computer main pwr switch just blinking and refuse to pwr on…  If I remove the drive (un-mount) it from the computer, then the computer pwr on and runs as usual…

what is wrong with my drive? how can I retrieve data inside of it?


i am sure have some components burned.  see this link look at second pic. it’s diode. in case the diode is short. please take mutlimeter for confirm it. just remove it if so. most you will take off data by yourself. get back to me after do it.

Thanks, but I don’t see any diodes on my drive.  I see the circuit board.  I think the diodes are on the other side of the board, which can’t see it.


can you post images here  or send it ot me? you can find out my contact on link.

Please see the image here



D3 D4 is diode.  also check them component which near power adapter. your PCB look like model is 2060-701292/001292-XXX REVA. am i right?

I don’t know where you get the D3, D4.

The model is a bit different: 2061-701292-B00 …

After some research, people suggested bring it to the data recovery center (shop) to get my data out. 

The data is an image of my computer.  NOw, my computer has a failed hard drive, when want to get the image back to restore it, but the ext i use to store the image is failed also… how a bad luck is it? :frowning:

The computer that has failed hard drive is still working… once a while it blue screen.  I use Acronis to reimage it, but when Acronis running, it error out E00070021: Cannot access drive because it is in use or the logical drive contains bad sectors.

I contacted Acronis and they are able to help me … I got the new image now.