My external hard drive is not detected in *SOME* ports

I posted a new thread because it seems that my problem is a bit different from others.

It seems that my external hard drive can only be detected when plugged in directly to the motherboard or the rear of the PC)., but not in USB extension ports, or the ones you find in front of the PC housing.

It works well enough, but it seems odd that I always have to plug it in the rear of the PC housing. This is not possible in most decent computer rental shops here. You either have to plug it on the front of the PC housing USB ports, or on the extension USB ports.

It is also not detected in the drive manager *ONLY* when I plug it on the extensions or housing ports.

so there.


My external hard drive is not detected in USB ports other than the one attached to the motherboard.

These drives are very sensitive to voltage. I think to many PC’s use barely adequet power supplies to start with. I think the USB ports on back are at the beginning of the feed and have less voltage drop. That’s one reason it’s recommended to use a port on the back and not use hubs.


Hmmm. OK. but wouldn’t that be solved by the other usb plug? the main USB plug has another one sticking out. isn’t it supposed to provide power? and how come my other external hard drives don’t experience this? (including a really old 75gb one, which was extremely huge during the time i bought it. the current one that’s having problems is 320gb wd3200me. i am also not having problems with my other 1tb and 500gb external portable hard drives. (all of which are WD, except for the 75gb one.