My external drive is dead - req urgent advice!

I have a WDT-B6C 1tb ext HD that is not getting any power from the adapter. I’ve had the adapter checked and it’s good for 12v. I’ve tried connecting to different power sources/outlets around the house, and the thing is not reading any power. The HD is not recognised by my PC without power.

Is there any way I can recover the data on the HD? The HD itself is a couple of years old, so I’m not concerned about voiding a warranty if I have to physically open the thing up…

Please help - our backed-up baby pics are on this and my wife is gonna kill me if I can’t remedy it!!! Plus, I’ll be bummed too…

Thanking the community in advance…


A PS can show 12V, but if it can’t supply current, it is no good. Try another PS like the WD is rated 12V and check the output current rating that is measured in amps (shown as A, such as 2A which means 2 amps). Your PS must be this rating or a little higher; never lower. Take the WD. PS to a place like Radio Shack, they will help you. Maybe you even have one for another device like it at home you can try. Be sure it has same output tip like the WD PS.

And get another WD drive to backup this drive – especially for moments like this. They are baby pictures, man, so keep them on more than one drive!

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Do not send it back to wd, i had a 4t my book under warranty they said they would replace it after it failed all troubleshooting, si i sent it back to them, THEY SAID IT HAD BEEN TAMPERED WITH AND THEY ARE KEEPING IT AND THEY WONG SEND IT BACK TO ME! THEY ARE LYING AND I WILL NEVER BUY WD BRAND AGAIN THEY ARE CROOKS!!!

Well, instead of being pi$$ed off about it, I would call WD Support and find out what the problem is, and if they are mistaken, then they will return it to you, I would think

Thanks to mike27oct - I’ve actually been contacted by WD and they will help me out - outside of the warranty period, which is terrific customer service.

Nothing like stating the bloomin’ obvious, but yeah, you’re right!