My Ext. Hard Drive causes Mac Mini to overheat

My Mac Mini overheats when I connect it to my new Passport Essential. I bought a fan for the Mac computer which makes no difference what so ever. The Geeks at Best Buy where I bought it, have no answer for the problem other than I should unplug it from the MacMini when I am not using it!

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated,



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Purchase date:  03/21/2014


The Mac Mini was probably not designed to use a USB powered external drive. Probably the power supply is being pushed to the max.


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Thanks Joe_S, since my passport essential has only the one usb cable for power and info trans, I guess I will just have to continue unplugging the passport after 30 minutes or so.

Thank you for your help, none the less.

Does anyone know which external hard drive I should buy that has a separate power port so as to not overheat my MacMini?