My elements 1TB keeps disconcerting after 2-7 minuets

a bought a wd elements 1TB(WDBUZG0010BBK-01) six month ago and now, 2-7 minuets after connecting it to the computer, the windows usb unplugging sound playing and stops working, but when you touch the hdd, its vibrating normally. if i want to use it again i need to dissconnect the usb cable for like 15 minuets to be able to work with it for 2-7 minuets again.

i also tried this soloutions:

1-trying another eorking usb3 cable

2-trying on another computer with usb2 port.

3-trying on mac os

and all is the same.

*i really need your help because there is not any proper WD service center in my country.


This is most unfortunate. If you have already tried different systems and USB cables then it would be best to replace this disk drive for free under warranty. Western Digital offers worldwide RMA and warranty services. Please visit the following link for additional information:

thank you jstaff

but the rma thing is not possible for me and the WD retailer company in iran is a real disaster and i know thay they will charge me for repairing or replacing it. also i cannot get my data from the hdd.