My DuoBook causing File Explorer to act very slowly

I have a Dual-6GB MyBookDuo (total 12GB) that I have connected via USB3.0 to my docking station. The issue I am having is that whenever I go into File Explorer the drive is not “active” and Win10 wants to read the DuoBook drives (set up in a RAID array). This can take as long as 30-45 seconds, during which time I have to stop everything and just wait on the machine to get the cache layout of the drive, and then do what I need to do, even when I am not accessing that drive. Is there anything I can do to help alleviate that delay (have it re-cache the folders layout every 5 minutes, etc.)? This is getting EXTREMELY annoying. And yes, I need to have this drive connected all the time, as I am accessing it constantly throughout the day.

Hello etullock,

Did you check the performance of drive while connecting it with the computer directly via USB 3.0 interface without any docking station or with other USB cable?

Yes, I have it plugged into a 10 port USB 3.0 port.

Eric Tullock