My Drive won't back up

I have an 500gb My Passport Essentials portable drive and when I unlock the drive my Home tab shows “categorizing files” and the back up page shows “23.57 of 58.27 MB Copied.”  It sits in this mode and does NOTHING.  I have tried and retird unplugging the drive.  starting and and stopping the back up and still sits in this mode.  Shows new files exist below with the yellow highlights but never are backed up.   I have left my drive run all night with no results.

What is wrong with my drive and how do I get it to back up my files.

I have had the drive for about 6 months and has done this for awhile.  I try and back up my PC about once a month or so.

Any help is apprieciated!

Well, uninstalling and reinstalling SmartWare should solve this… See the link below for info on how to uninstall this app:

And install the latest version of the soft… :

Start a the backup and you’re ready to go…