My drive stopped connecting to my mac and i cannot delete my files

I have now spent approximately 6 hours on this stupid drive.  I have had multiple hard drives in the past, but it was time to upgrade, and WD seemed to be a good option.  I initially had it backup my entire mac. Then suddenly (1 week later) it did not work.  My husband spent 2 hours on the phone with WD, at which point they told him that the drive was faulty.  The WD rep was supposed to send us (1) a return label and (2) instructions on how to delete the files from the drive (as my entire MAC and secure files are backed up there). They sent us the label, but never the instructions. We have emailed them several times, and my husband has spent one hour each night last night and tonight trying to get through to support, but never gets through. 

I am IRATE.  I plan to NEVER purchase WD products again and am just going to return the piece of garbage to Best Buy for a refund, but i want to get my files OFF.  It will not connect/be seen by any computer, which WD has already determined is a fault of the drive, not the computer.  Does anyone know how I can delete my files??? I am reaching out to the community because clearly WD is useless, and we have wasted enough time.  I cant wait to get  a product that works.  

Wow sorry to hear that, an option that you had was to create the RMA from the WD page. But since you need to recover your files, you can also check the link below for a list of companies that do data recovery.